Bang on a Can Marathon Performance Twitter Reaction!

We were overwhelmed by the Twitter response to our performance at the Bang on a Can Marathon!  Here are some highlights:

Jeremy Howard Beck’s triumphant piece “Awakening” has the audience spellbound. Epic trombones!

I loves me some trombone quartet – esp. Jeremy Beck’s “Awakening” performed by Guidonian Hand. Piece kicked my ass mightily…#marathon2012

Beautiful combination of electronics and trombone quartet by Eve Beglarian! #Marathon2012

@GuidonianHand You guys were amazing today! One of the best ensembles I’ve seen in a long time!

Normally not really into brass but the guidonian hand is killing it for me today #Marathon2012

several standout works: Evan Ziporyn’s In Bounds, Jeremy Howard Beck’s Awakening played by the super trombone quartet The Guidonian Hand

.@jeremyhowardboo‘s “Awakening” performed by The Guidionian Hand now echoing in the World Financial Center #marathon2012

Guidonian Hand trombone quartet played Eve Beglarian’s In and Out of the Game. Lovely. #marathon2012

@GuidonianHand Thank you! Your performances were a highlight. How about an album?

@guidonianhand playing @evbvd‘s exquisite “In And Out of The Game”#marathon2012

Amazing performances @bangonacan #marathon2012 The Guidonian Hand

Jeremy Beck’s “The Guidonian Hand” – great trombone piece@bangonacan #marathon2012

@GuidonianHand back again with @evbvd ‘s exquisite In and Out of the Game #marathon2012

@guidonianhand killing it with @jeremyhowardboo ‘s piece at#marathon2012

Members of The Guidonian Hand trombone choir at 2012 The Bang on a Can Marathon #fb


Our new recording of Jeremy Howard Beck’s “Awakening” is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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